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Zimble is an app that helps our young people learn about financial management the simple way!

The Future of Online Pocket Money is Here

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$3.99/month or 1 month free with Annual Membership.

Imagine a Cashless Society

Educating Our Children

As we transition to a cashless society, learning about money in the digital age is a priority for us all

Smart financial habits stay forever

Developing good financial skills at a young age, prepares children to face financial challenges later in life

Zimble empowers our children to save and spend within limits

Every parent wants to set their children up for the future, help them reach their potential

The future is at our doorstep

How Zimble Works


Children will learn important budgeting skills to manage their savings before they spend and be able to set their goals and targets


View weekly and monthly reports on savings, spending and tasks. Children will be empowered by reaching their goals and be rewarded for their achievements


Keep your children on track with the ability to set targets and goals. You can chat and text message your children about their progress and offer them monetary or non-monetary rewards

Parents Hub

You will receive automatic real-time alerts for your child’s transactions and balances. If required, in the event of an emergency, you can lock cards instantly

$3.99/month or 1 month free with Annual Membership.

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Zimble is Easy to Use

Parent to login into their existing bank account

Initiate a payment to the Zimble Parent Account

Transfer from Zimble Parent Account to child’s account

You can pay your child a monthly allowance, pocket money, one-off or regular reward payments based on tasks completed.

Your child can choose from the following designs

Where Can You Use Zimble?

On-line Shopping

In-Store Purchase

Secure & Convenient

Get started with Zimble

Download and Register

It only takes a few minutes to open up a Zimble account. Download the Zimble app, register and the Zimble card will be sent to you within 7 working days. Alternatively, you can choose a digital, virtual card

Activate Zimble card

Once you receive the card activate via the Zimble app and have access to a virtual card on your mobile

Load funds

Parents can load funds from their personal bank account or debit card to the Zimble parent account/wallet. Loading funds can take up to 2-3 working days

Get Started

The Zimble app allows you to transfer allowances and set frequency of payments from your parent wallet/account to your children’s account. You can set automatic payments, tasks and spending limits. Your child can now start fulfilling their targets and learn to spend wisely. The Zimble card can be used anywhere that Mastercard is accepted

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Get 1 Month free with Annual Subscription or $3.99/month

Designed for Families

Setting you up for the future of online banking


Empowering you to set up savings and spending goals, keep you up to date with the latest online banking and choose your own personalised card


Financial Hub – parents have all the tools to manage and monitor their children’s transactions

Get the whole family involved. Grandparents, aunts and uncles can make payments and assist in teaching to spend and save wisely

Security and Safety is at the core of Zimble’s values

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