Benefits of Zimble

Zimble is a fun and versatile app that can be tailored to meet savings and spending goals with your children. As we know, each child is unique, you decide and apply different limits and rules for your children. These limits can be changed at any time by parents, ensuring appropriate rewards and benefits

Only money that you load onto your child’s card can be spent and you avoid any risk of debt

Enter Zimble, allowing parents to control the pocket money/allowance for their children and track expenditures

Build a bridge between your children and society, enabling them to contribute and be part of the local community

Allows the opportunity for better communication between you and your children to discuss financial responsibility, including real time messaging

Online or instore, a simple and easy way to help your children learn to save and spend wisely and can choose their own personalised card

Provides fun, convenient possibilities for your children to earn additional allowance/ pocket money

Every parent wants to establish good practices for their children early on in life and guide them towards financial independence

Enables cashless payments which increases financial security

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