The What, Why, and How of Zimble – Family Matters

The responsibility of money management sits with you: parents. Keep your sanity, share your wisdom. Zimble supports you in a way that is easy to follow and understand and to empower young people to become strong confident people. Zimble gives you the tools to help teach your children the value of money, incentivizing them to set […]

What’s up with you and your spending?

Financial confidence for youth It’s called commitment Commit to achieving your goals. Commit to good saving and spending habits. This means spend what you can afford. Avoid the dangers of unexpected expenses e.g. extra phone costs. Develop skills leading to success with managing your money. Using the Zimble digital app allows you to plan for […]

What the world will look like after Covid-19 era

Coronavirus has changed the way we eat, shop, study, work, socialise, communicate and maintain hygiene in our everyday life during 2020. Our future will be different, too. Going forward, will we all wear masks, gloves and have test kits and thermometers on tap? I think they’ll become normal everyday wear/use in our future. Will you wear […]