Zimble makes paying for pocket money, allowance and tasks a breeze and teaches children good, money management behaviour

Young People Can Learn Digital Money Management

Step into the world of money by learning how to make financial decisions. Children can use their Zimble card anywhere Mastercard is accepted within set allowance/limits and learn to better manage their spending.

Digitally Set Up Goals and Tasks

Register, add your children to your account and schedule one-off or recurring payments towards tasks/savings goals for your children. See how Zimble’s online, money management tool will improve your lives and give your children financial literacy and responsibility from a young age.

Tasks and rewards for achievements

A convenient way to manage finances. Tasks or other events/targets can be setup individually with a dollar amount for each. Easily track spending with real time alerts and online chatting. Your child can take pictures/post videos to show you when they’ve completed a task or achieved targets. It is a fun way to help children practice financial independence and teach kids about the value of money and spending responsibly

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