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The responsibility of money management sits with you: parents. Keep your sanity, share your wisdom. Zimble supports you in a way that is easy to follow and understand and to empower young people to become strong confident people.

Zimble gives you the tools to help teach your children the value of money, incentivizing them to set and complete goals/tasks and be rewarded. Money management is an essential life skill that every parent wants their children to develop and build.

How to Enjoy the Often Tiring Job of Parenting

While there is a lot of joy in parenting, it is common to also feel overwhelmed, confused, anxious and frustrated. When it comes to your children/teenagers, you may

• Navigate danger spending zones with your children/teens
• Find it a big task raising kids to be responsible in a digital age
• Tired of banks lengthy processes and waiting times

Stop searching for coins/money to give to your children, cash will soon be obsolete.

Our perspective on life has changed since we were young and raised completely differently. Technology and the internet have revolutionized our lives. Robots and driverless cars may soon be the norm. All this digital technology is designed to make our lives easier and is the way forward.

Stay ahead with online banking, educate your children and empower them now. Zimble helps you to manage spending habits. Beats waiting in line at the ATM or the bank and saves you from the intense moral guilt of simply giving your money away. With Zimble, you can teach your children better responsibility to meet goals/targets.

Connecting with your children/teens is important

In the lives of young people, talks about money/savings can be challenging.

Zimble allows for fun, online chats with your children. It opens up the way for easy discussions about spending limits in an engaging way. Build strong financial relationships within your family.

Beyond the baby days, the screaming and crying to school-aged and older children – all these milestones present a whole new set of challenges, like managing activities, restricting spending, discipline, friendships, social outings and homework. Zimble is a tool to help make your life a little easier and make sure your child’s expenses don’t get outside of your control, with easy to track spending.

Teach your children from an early age through learned behaviours
Zimble allows complete parental control, real-time tracking, with the ability to view your child’s spending and decide whether your child can manage online and shop payments. You can setup automatic or one-off payments from your existing accounts into a Parent Wallet. You can also choose non-monetary rewards and specify what that may be, including extra play, hanging with friends.

Grandparents/other, close family members can be involved in raising children with the Zimble app, that allows them to contribute payments to your child’s pre-paid card for tasks and/or pocket money /allowance(with parental approval).

More Information

Go online to open a Zimble account (check with your parents first)

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